rey carlson

Cannes Young Director. Cannes: TAC ‘Country Kids’, Greenpeace ‘Breathe’, Heinz ‘Pop’, Yoplait ‘Marine’ and others. AWARD PENCILS: Greenpeace ‘Breathe’, Gold Cinema, Silver cinematography. Mobius Award: NAB ‘Swimmer’, HEINZ ‘Pop’, ‘Brother’ and ‘Plumber’. NY FESTIVALS: Greenpeace ‘Breathe’, NAB ‘Swimmer’.

Once Rey realised that he was both too white and too short for his dream of being a starting power forward for the Los Angeles Lakers to be a reality it was already too late to pursue any serious academic inquiry.  So he borrowed his father’s Minolta and started his true life’s work of looking at the world through a view finder.

He made a serious name for himself as an editorial portraitist of the likes of Sammy Davis Jr, Ian Dury, Grace Jones, Joan Armatrading, Lindsey Kemp, and Tom Waits among many.

Peter Weir, another subject, suggested to Rey that he pursue cinematography which he did quite successfully until he took a massive pay cut and started to direct.  He has been taking pay cuts ever since. Rey tells us he’s won a lot of Cannes Lions, Mobius, Clio’s and other awards, which we notice his accountant likes to use as very efficient paper weights.